How we have helped our Clients

In early 2016, cofounders Ben Cogan and Jesse Horwitz had just raised their Seed round and had a dream: to build the world’s first DTC contact lens brand and disrupt an outdated industry. Like many founders, they had the idea and funding but they did not have the skills to build a Supply Chain.

Ben and Jesse engaged Aaron Alpeter with Izba who designed the entire supply chain and customer service operation from the ground up. This involved developing models and forecasts, establishing quality/FDA complaint handling processes, training modules and organizational design, and sourcing qualified partners in manufacturing, freight forwarding, fulfillment, packaging, and parcel shipping.

Hubble launched in November of 2016 and quickly exceeded company and investor expectations.  After 4 months, sales were 18 months ahead of schedule.  Due to the upfront attention to detail in the Supply Chain design, each of the partners were able to scale very quickly and Hubble Contacts rocketed to a $100M valuation after only 4 months with no service delays or stockouts.

Hubble is now in over 5 countries and continues to grow rapidly with the same architecture and partners recommended by Izba.

From zero to $100 million in 4 months - without any service delays or stockouts.  


MIRROR  is the nearly invisible, interactive home gym. Izba joined shortly after launch and oversaw the end-to-end management of the supply chain in the midst of truly explosive growth.


We built a best-in-class organization, managing everything from raw materials, MRP, forecasting, transportation, factory operations, quality, and final mile delivery.  We increased factory throughput by 5X and lowered costs significantly, while supporting business needs through multiple rounds of funding.

"Izba has been critical in helping us to grow aggressively over the past year. From expert negotiating to effective process improvements and standardization, Izba has helped us to scale our operations and cut costs smoothly despite hyper-growth. Aaron and his team are a pleasure to work with--I can't recommend them highly enough!"

                                                                                                                                                               - Brynn Putnam, CEO Mirror

The Flex Company is determined to provide alternative period products to promote body positivity.  Izba stepped in when the demand for Flex started to put their supply chain on the rocks.  We implemented an S&OP process as best practice to stabilize their inventory requirements and set up the company for continued growth in retail and DTC.  We rebuilt the Flex Customer Service team, adding in metrics to monitor performance and plan for future growth, helped launch new products, offered international fulfillment, renegotiated manufacturing contracts and implemented an ERP.  With our help Flex was able to grow their Amazon business 4X year over year by Spring 2020, and their retail business by 100% in the same time frame.


Kind Snacks, as part of Mars Inc, was looking for expertise in incorporating the startup mentality into their strategy, to begin DTC operations in the UK.  We worked to advise and shape their DTC strategy, qualify fulfillment centers, and build their P&L expectations.  We began scorecarding vendors and implemented customer service metrics to ensure the first venture into DTC had the tools for success.  With our background in Fortune 500 companies, we were quickly able to understand both the current mentality and thinking and help provide tension to help Kind think and do things differently, based on our experience with fast paced, successful DTC startups.

SupplyBank.Org is a non-profit operating like a food bank, but for supplies. During the COVID-19 crisis in the Spring of 2020, Supply Bank had an immense and urgent need for basic commodities such as baby formula, diapers, hand sanitizer, and other staples to help support communities in California. Through our network and contacts, Izba was able to immediately start sourcing much needed commodities for shipment to California, despite extreme demand and very short supply.